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Maryam Javidmehr is born and grown up in Iran. Maryam was as a child fascinated in animals and nature, and already as a child her artistic talents in painting and music was discovered. 


At the age of 16 Maryam engaged her artistic career by studying art at the Al Zahras art school in Qazvin, and at the age of 20 she underwent an education in clayware, pottery and sculpting from the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization in Qazvin, Iran. At an early stage the educators discovered that Maryam was an unusual talented student, and in the same educational center she began teaching. At the same time she received the opportunity of getting tutored by experienced and well established relief sculptors in Iran.


Having a difficult childhood, in a society oppression of women, Maryam often took refuge in a fantasy world as a child. A world that reflects in many of her sculptures and artworks.


In her imaginative artworks, the oppressed women in the world are emphasized. Here, the women are elevated, often as metaphysical objects, demonstrating patience and love, and ensures balance and harmony. At the same time, they are very pride, strong and sometimes combative characters.


The nature and the animals also plays a significant role in Maryams sculptural artworks. The nature and the animals have always felt like the only true, genuine and honest, and the only things that we can lean and rely on when we seek bare and exposed truths and answers. In her sculptural artworks they shine and question our broken bond with the nature and the animals and regards it as an important cause behind the feeling of emptiness in our lives. 


Maryam moved to Sweden in 2013 and has since 2014 continued her artistic career in Gothenburg.